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Video: Bulls Taj Gibson drunk at Hollywood Club Blok

Video: Bulls star Taj Gibson drunk at Hollywood Club

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Videos of drunk NBA stars are always fun. I don’t know what the heck Yelzenbah is though. Do you?

Taj Gibson was caught on video coming out of Blok nightclub in Hollywood last week. The Chicago star appeared to be at least a little wasted as he tried to answer questions about the hottest cheerleaders in the NBA and kept mentioning the Yelzenbah. 

At least by the time this video was shot he and his friends were looking to hydrate with some water. Although, wait till the end of this video when someone tries to get them to buy roses. They awkwardly notice they have no women in their group. What kind of NBA star goes out for a night on the town without an women in his large group of friends. No, I guess buying roses isn’t the best move.

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