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Andrew Bynum hit up the strip club

In typical fashion, Andrew Bynum wasn’t spotted recently on a basketball court, but rather, at a strip club.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Bynum is clearly enjoying himself in Philadelphia, doing everything other than basketball.

Various sources on the internet reported this week that Bynum made a visit to the Penthouse Gentlemen’s Club in Philly and took time to pose with one of the “dancers.”  See image above.  The Penthouse strip club is known as one of the city’s best gentlemen’s clubs.

The picture made it to the internet after the “dancer” reportedly named Rachel, posted the picture to her instagram account.

Bynum is clearly having himself a good old time on the east coast, because this wasn’t the first time Bynum has been seen out working on his non-basketball related game mid season.  Just a few weeks ago, the big fella was out bowling and supposedly did further damage to his injured knee.  He is supposed to be rehabbing the knee as he has yet to play a in a regular season game for Philadelphia, who traded for him before the start of this season.

When Bynum was first traded to Philly, I thought it was going to be a great move for the city of cheesesteaks and Brotherly Love.  Since Bynum grew up in South Jersey, less than an hour from Well Fargo Center, the sixers’ home arena, I thought that being closer to his friends and family would rejuvenate his passion for the game and give him the motivation to put in the work and be the great player that he has the potential to be.  But I’m rapidly losing confidence in this happening.  I don’t fault the seven-footer for enjoying himself off the court, I get it.  The kid is 24 years old.  But if we’re calling things how we see them, then it doesn’t seem like his head, or his heart, is in the game of basketball right now.  If he’s not into the game, we can’t fault him for that.  But if I were writing his paychecks, I would probably be a little concerned.

No word yet on whether Bynum was injured during a dance.

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