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Happy Friday! Melo leases new NYC pad, Rose cleared to play, and Kobe on Kimmel

Gotta love that it's Friday!

Hoopsvibe's quick call:  What a better way to kick off the weekend than with three top NBA stories in Hoopsvibe's Workweek Wrap-Up?!

Happy Friday! Melo leases new NYC pad, Rose cleared to play, and Kobe on Kimmel

To start things off, word on the street is, Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony and Basketball Wife La La Vasquez are not just back together, but moving into a ballerific apartment in New York City.

The couple signed a $29,000 per month lease last week on a 4,000 square foot, five-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment on NYC's iconic 5th Avenue.  The New York Post reported that the apartment is owned by Bank of America exec Fares Noujaim, "who bought it for $6.08 million as an investment."

Rumor had it that Melo and La La were going through a rough patch and the two were even living on different coasts for a period of time.  But it sounds like things are back on track.  One thing's for sure: They're certainly not slummin' it. 

#YouKnowYoureBallinWhen you drop 30k on a lease.

Anthony is currently listed as day-to-day due to fluid in his knee that has caused him to miss the past few games.  Melo's averaging 28.2 points per game this season and the Knicks are currently first place in their division and second overall in the Eastern Conference. 

Speaking of the Eastern Conference, Chicago Bulls fans rejoice! 

Derrick Rose has been medically cleared to play.

According to Melissa Isaacson of ESPNChicago, the Bulls' point guard, who's been out for almost a year since going down with a knee injury in the first round of last year's playoffs, has been given clearance to return to the lineup. 

But don't expect the All-Star point guard to return immediately, because according to Issacson and the Bulls, Rose isn't "100% mentally ready" to return just yet.  Isaacson cites in her report that Rose is participating in 5 on 5 drills and looking strong, but neither the organization or Rose himself are going to pressure an immediate return, despite how much President Obama and every other Bulls fan wants to see their franchise player back in the lineup.

Regardless if Rose takes an extra few weeks to prepare mentally, we should definitely see his return to the court before the playoffs; which would obviously be crucial for Chicago.  According to Accuscore, the Bulls are more than five times as likely to win the NBA title with Rose than without him.

The Bulls don't need to rush either.  They have been playing impressively well in his absence.  Despite Rose not having played in one game all season, they are 34-27 and currently hold the sixth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.  Furthermore, Rose inked a 5-year, $94 million deal with the team in 2011; so it's much better to be safe than sorry.

And lastly, to round out the Workweek Wrap-up, we have Kobe Bryant getting clowned on by Jimmy Kimmel … and loving it!

Happy Friday! Melo leases new NYC pad, Rose cleared to play, and Kobe on Kimmel

Kobe was on Kimmel Thursday night and at one point in the interview, the two talked took some time to discuss Dennis Rodman's friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

(On a side note, does everyone out there realize that Dennis Rodman aka "The Worm" aka a lot of insane things, is pretty much acting as the United States Ambassador to North Korea???  I mean, it sounds like a joke but the joke is really that it's not a joke.  I'm starting to think the Mayans were right.)

Anyway … When Kimmel asked Bryant if he would consider heading over to N. Korea if Jong Un asked him to, Kobe replied, "Yeah, I would probably pass.  I'd probably pass."

To which the witty talk show host quickly retorted, "Oh, for once you're passing?!"  It was so hilarious even Kobe cracked up! 

Click here to check out the clip courtesy of

And that's the Workweek Wrap-up.  Have a great weekend, Hoopsvibers!

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