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Gabrielle Union Fires Back At DWade’s Ex-Wife.

DWade’s girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, and ex-wife exchange blows.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Gabrielle Union better be careful. You never want to kick someone while they’re down and DWade’s ex-wife is definitely down.

Gabrielle Union Fires Back At DWade’s Ex-Wife.

It is no secret that DWade and his ex-wife have not had an amicable divorce, but now his new girlfriend Gabrielle Union is getting in the mix. Last week DWade’s ex-wife appeared on the Dr. Phil show and had plenty of blame to spread around. She did a lot of finger pointing at Wade and Gabrielle. Apparently, Gabrielle didn’t approve and decided to fire back on twitter.

Gabrielle Union Fires Back At DWade’s Ex-Wife.

It is a known fact that Gabrielle and DWade started seeing each other while he was still with his ex-wife. This could be enough to set most women on fire, but the fact that DWade’s ex-wife also lost custody of her kids to Wade and his new girlfriend is a stunner and a celebrity doesn’t help.

Gabrielle should let Wade fight his own battles and stay out of his drama.

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