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FINALLY! Kris Humphries finalizes divorce with Kim Kardashian

It’s official.  Kris Humphries has finalized his divorce with Kim Kardashian.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  I am happy and thankful that we never have to hear about this ever again.

FINALLY!  After months of reading and hearing about the absurdity that was was Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashians marriage, subsequent divorce, and court drama since, the two have signed a divorce agreement and their marriage is officially over.  (I can’t believe I’m even reporting on this.)

The reality starlett and the Nets forward apparently agreed to the terms and signed the paperwork Thursday night, but the divorce was finalized in a settlement meeting Friday.  Humphries was not required to appear in LA Friday as he was practicing with the team in New Jersey.  Sources are reporting that Kardashian was present at the settlement meeting.

While the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, TMZ reported that Humphries will not “have to pay any penalties for blowing off last week’s settlement conference” and “there was no proof Kim committed fraud when she married him.”

Phew.  Now we can all sleep at night.

Humphries took to Twitter to express his excitement tweeting “Couldn’t be happier!!”

Believe me, Kris.  We couldn’t be happier either.

But no person place or thing is probably more excited that this drama is ending than the Brooklyn Nets organization.  With the divorce finalized early (there was supposed to be a court hearing May 6th) Humphries will be fully present for all team activities during their run in the playoffs.  I’m guessing the Nets weren’t too happy with the possibility that Humphries was going to miss part of the playoffs to deal with the Kardashian mess he got himself into.

Well no need to worry, Brooklyn.  The nightmare has officially ended.

The Brooklyn Nets will face the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.  Game 1 tips off Saturday 4/20/13 at 8:00 PM ET.

And because I have to mention this since it’s so ridiculous … Kris and Kim’s marriage lasted 72 days.  It took them 536 days to finalize their divorce. 

Makes sense.

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