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Dwyane Wade Goes To Prom After Appeal Via YouTube (Video)

Heat star Dwyane Wade recently showed up at a high school prom.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: If you could go to prom with any celebrity, who would it be? 

Nicole Muxo is an 18 year old senior at Miami’s Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School. Muxo made a plea for Wade to join her at her prom via a video on YouTube.

In the video Muxo says, "My senior prom is coming up, and I have everything set for a perfect night except for one thing: a perfect date," while wearing a D Wade #3 Heat jersey.

It wasn’t the first time she extended an opportunity to Wade to attend a high school function. "Back when I met him last year, I asked him to Homecoming, but the season was about to start, and he had practice, so he couldn’t make it", said Muxo. "So I thought, why not take another shot and ask him to prom?” she said.

The video is well done. And it helps she is smokin’ hot. Check the video here:

At prom, Muxo was abruptly called up to the dance floor where a phone call from D Wade was awaiting her.

“So I talked to him on the phone, and as I was talking to him the doors opened and he walked out and I was completely shocked, I had no idea that he was going to even call," said Muxo, who attends Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School in West Kendall. "So I was super-excited, everyone else was super-excited in there."

Then, D Wade just SHOWED UP at the prom. Check this video, very cool:

Well played, D Wade.

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