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Rumor Alert: J.R. Smith Has A Real Drug Problem.

Rumor Alert: Rumors are circling that New York Knicks guard JR Smith that he’s developed a serious coke problem.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: We’re not even sure drugs would explain Smith’s crappy shooting against the Pacers.

Rumor Alert: J.R. Smith Has A Real Drug Problem.

According to The Juicy Online, JR Smith has bigger problems these days than simply being knocked out of the NBA playoffs.

“My source is the connect for his coke dealer uptown and JR is cooping $1,200 worth of blow every two, three days when in town. Personal use… Dude was sick from it,” the source claims.

The NBA drug testing policy is that the players get tested 4 times during the regular season. Sources note that most players are notified in advance of these tests. Coke takes about 72 hours to get out of your system, so if Smith does have a serious coke habit he’ll have to be able to go at least 3 days without it if he hopes to go undetected.

Again, this is just a rumor, but it’s a funny thing about rumors. A lot of them have a way of turning out to be true. Smith is a well-known partier in the New York crowd and was even spotted out on the town the night before and after playoff games this season. He’s been a partier with celebrities like Rihanna and others, so if he did develop a little drug habit it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise in the world.

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