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Lala Claims She’s Not Worried About Melo Cheating.

Yeah, and I’m not worried about Metta World Peace losing his temper.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Lala recently set the record straight on Melo’s cheating ways.

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NBA basketball stars don’t exactly have the best track record with staying faithful to their wives. Carmelo Anthony’s had himself in the hot seat more than a couple of times landing him a few mentions in our Top 10 NBA Groupies of 2013 article earlier this year as well as his alleged 19-year old mistress Asia Monroe spilling the beans on him. Yet, Lala Vasquez doesn’t appeared concerned about all the rumors of infidelity. Either that, or she’s simply biding her time to cash in like so many other basketball wives.

When she appeared on the Bethenny show she had this to say,

“I’m just very secure in myself. I can’t worry about what’s happening on the road. I know our relationship. I know we have a great relationship. He’s my best friend and that’s what I put my energy on. If we think too much about what’s going on when we are not there and checking phones and cracking email codes, that will drive a woman crazy. You have to be secure in yourself and hope that’s the best.

Sometimes I go on the road. I work so much that I am just not able to pick up and go on the road but if he is going to a fun place, Chicago, Miami somewhere that I want to visit, yeah I’ll jump on the road and hang out.”

Photo Credit: Lala Vasquez Instagram

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