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Video: La La Vazquez, Carmelo Anthony’s Fiancé, Escorted from Stands

Video: La La Vazquez, Carmelo Anthony's Fiancé, Escorted from StandsRecently we reported that billionaire and general nuisance Mark Cuban issued an apology for the behaviour of the Dallas fans during the recent Mavericks-Nuggets game.  Most of the attention was turned to the heated interaction between Cuban and Kenyon Martin’s mother, who had apparently exchanged words at previous DEN-DAL contests.  There was more to it than that, though.

The following clip, which for some reason took a couple of days to surface, shows La La Vazquez, Carmelo Anthony’s fiancée and mother to his two-year-old son, bringing Brooklyn to the Big D.  Adopting her best I’ll-start-pulling-hair-if-I-have-to stance and pointing her finger at a pair of hideously-attired forty-somethings like it was loaded, she eventually lets it go and follows the security personnel into the aisle.  My lip-reading may not be what it once was, but I’m fairly certain I can make out at least two words I couldn’t say in front of my grandmother without being beaned by a slipper.

The consequence of watching the video above is that I now have a minor crush on La La, who is best known for her work on that popular television show on a channel I forget.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m a fan of feisty females, or maybe it’s just the camera angle.  Either way, I salute you, Ms. Vazquez. 

Incidentally, I once met a young lady who claimed to be La La’s cousin.  It never worked out between us, though.  We had communication problems, you see.  What I mean by that is that the phone number she gave me connected to a laundromat in the South Bronx.

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