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Report: Allen Iverson Involved in Bar Altercation

The problems are still piling up for Allen Iverson.  After splitting from the Philadelphia 76ers and divorcing wife Tawanna Iverson, you couldn’t blame AI for acting a little out of character.  Reports hit the gossip pages suggesting that Iverson had something of a drinking problem and that his gambling behavior had resulted in his being banned from several casinos.  The purchase of a $4.5 million house seemed to confirm the split from Tawanna, and since then we’ve heard very little from the former NBA MVP.

Report: Allen Iverson Involved in Bar Altercation

Well, things don’t appear to be getting much better for Allen Iverson.  The latest is that he was at the center of an altercation in the Wet Willies bar in Atlanta, an establishment part-owned by former NFL linebacker Carlos Emmons.  The story, as it is being told, is that another patron at Wet Willies somehow managed to get his hands on AI’s watch and attempted to leave the bar with the item on his person.  Allen quickly caught on and confronted the would-be thief, and before long six of his companions got involved and a scuffle broke out.  It’s being reported that Iverson left the bar during the ensuing ruckus and was not personally involved in the scrap.

This one may not be AI’s fault (after all, he has a right to confront someone trying to lift his property), but it’s still not the kind of publicity the man needs if he plans a return to the league next season.  The best thing he could do now is hide out in his mansion for a couple of months and maintain a low profile until, if necessary, he needs to remind people that he’s interested in another NBA contract.

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