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Shaq to Kids: Tell Shaunie’s New Boyfriend I’ll Kill Him

Shaunie O’Neal, producer of VH1’s Basketball Wives (see pictures of the ladies here) and ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal, apparently isn’t getting along so well with the big fella.  Diesel was already mad that Shaunie was snapped with her new boyfriend Marlon Yates, and the television series prompted him to seek an injunction halting its production.  The basis for that legal maneuver was a “non-disparagement” clause in Shaunie and Shaq’s divorce agreement which prohibits either of the former couple making negative comments about the other.

Shaq to Kids: Tell Shaunie’s New Boyfriend I’ll Kill Him

In this case, the disparagement allegedly took the form of Shaq grilling his kids for information concerning their mother’s new man.  In fact, the court documents claim that O’Neal pushed his children “to the point that they felt intimidated and scared of him.”  What’s more, Shaunie claims that Shaq told their six-year-old son to send a message to Marlon Yates that he was “going to kill him”, yelling at the boy “Say it now! My daddy is going to kill you!”

I don’t know how true these allegations, but if they are I’d be concerned for Marlon Taylor’s continued existence on this planet.  I just watched Shaq push Joakim Noah around like an empty shopping cart, and that dude is 6’11”.  Put Shaq in a room with regular-sized folk and all he needs to do is sneeze and someone’s going to get hurt.  If he ever finds himself face-to-face with Marlon Yates (or, in the absence of a step-ladder, chest-to-face), Shaunie might have to find herself a new boyfriend who’s happy to flee to Mexico whenever Shaq enters his zip code.

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