Wednesday , Apr , 21 , 2010 Oly Sandor

Best playoff poster job: LeBron James on James Johnson or Baron Davis on Andrei Kirilenko?

He can’t run. He can’t hide. He can only accept the inevitable: he’s been poster-jobbed and millions will relive and replay his moment of shame on youtube.

James Johnson: we’re talking about you. The Chicago Bulls’ swing is in Shawn Bradley and Alton Lister territory after the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James delivered a facial our News Department deemed a ‘hate crime’ and considered slapping with a restricted rating.

In the first quarter of game two between the Bulls and Cavaliers playoff series, James caught the ball on the elbow, pivoted, squared up, and blew by Johnson. At this point Johnson is beat and has a choice: does he concede the dunk or still challenge James, even though his fate as a poster-job victim is all but sealed?

Johnson, to his credit, fought the good fight. And the result is viral fame or infamy.


Of course, Johnson could seek moral support from Andrei Kirilenko, who got, well, caught on a Baron Davis flush during the 2007 Western Conference Semi-Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz.

Casual fans don’t remember who won this series. They do, however, remember Davis’ dunk and Kirilenko being on the wrong end of it.

HoopsVibe believes the clip’s massive popularity was the reason AK-47 ditched his Vidal Sassoon flat-top for his current Euro-do. After all, wouldn’t it get tiresome having the general public refer to you as ‘the dude Jessica Alba’s NBA friend dunked on’?

You’ve watched both poster-job clips, so tell us who got it worse: Johnson or Kirilenko? Photo courtesy of jmoisesreyes.

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