Tuesday , Oct , 16 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Hipster Glasses Invade The NBA

Hipster glasses invade the NBA.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: From the dual Hipster capitals of the world Silver Lake, CA & Austin, TX geek chic is in.

An odd thing started popping up over the last couple of years, NBA player’s vision has gotten worse by leaps and bounds. Once players lakes Kurt Rambis were a novelty for wearing glasses, but now it is all the rage. Bulky horn-rimmed glasses or “Hipster” glasses are taking over the NBA. The term hipster comes from an entire genre of fashion easily noted by just about anything you could possibly purchase at an Urban Outfitters. This includes, but is not limited to, skinny jeans, odd colored pants, corduroys, ironical t-shirts with pictures of President Obama slam dunking, and most notably in the NBA horn-rimmed glasses. Oh yeah, those 1960s glasses are back and better than ever. Check out some of the NBA’s brightest stars sporting the new look below.

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