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Whoop ‘Em Mavericks Style

Mark Cuban and the Mav’s PR Team adapt the popular Whoop “Em Gangnam Style to the Mavs.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The world is ending. We have seen the end, but you’ll probably laugh as you cry.

Somewhere in the mind of Mark Cuban is a guy that loves PR, basketball, and a banging Korean rap. We assume you are familiar with the now contagious Korean Rap sensation Psy and his ubiquitous song “Whoop em Gangnam Style.” It is the most popular song in the world and has been for some time now. It’s arguably going to be the biggest international hit of the last decade, dating back to that other worldwide hit the “Macarena.” Only instead of two old Hispanic men and a bunch of beautiful ladies in booty shorts, this one featured one Korean rapper and an entourage of dancers.

The Dallas Mavericks PR team decided to make a Mavs version of the video by creating “Whoop “Em Maverick Style.” The video is entirely comprised of photos of Dallas Maverick player’s heads superimposed on Psy’s body as he raps throughout the video. The on additional twist is changing the hook from “Whoop ’em Gangnam Style” to “Whoop’ em Maverick Style.” Although I’m sure Cuban and the Mavs were psyched to defeat the Lakers in their opening game of the season, this is not the year for a Dallas domination rap. They’d be extremely lucky to finish in the top 4 teams in the West.  Even if the season doesn’t work out too well, at least the Dallas PR department is thinking outside the box. Keep the videos coming. How about a Funny or Die one next with Mark Cuban pretending to punch two NBA refs and a wate boy? 

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