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Mark Cuban HATES Power Balance Bracelets And So Should You

While you’re going about your day to day life, Mark Cuban has your back, even when the NBA doesn’t.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Mark Cuban isn’t just going to stand there, haplessly, and let you get screwed.

The following clip is either why you love or hate Mark Cuban. Sure, he can be a bit of a media whore at times, but what you should appreciate about him is that he is going to say the things that need to be said. He has so much money and influence, he is above reproach or any sort of financial punishment that the NBA, or the entire world for that matter, can ever dole out.

Cuban, as we know, is a successful business man which is what spurred his inclusion on the ABC reality show “Shark Tank” so he knows a good deal or product when he sees one. And with the “Power Balance Bracelet”, which was first introduced to Cuban on the reality show, he thought he saw a sham. And it turns out, he was right.

The company who makes these bracelets was sued and settled a class action lawsuit for $57 million dollars, which essentialy, proves that they are bogus. Who would have thought that a bracelet marketed as being “based on Eastern philosophies of health and wellness” (per the companies site) could possibly be a scam! The company went bankrupt as a result, but is still scamming people. One of those people is the NBA.

Somehow the NBA felt differently about the bracelets than both the judicial system and Mark Cuban, because they are now officially sponsored by the NBA and every NBA team has their own Power Balance Bracelet, which you can purchase through the league’s website.The league also pushes teams and players to feature/wear them.

The first time I started seeing these ridiculous type of power band products that improve “speed and balance” was when every Major League Baseball pitcher in the universe couldn’t function without being draped in one of these stupid things. If you didn’t have one, you weren’t “cool”. It’s total bullshit marketing and if you bought one you got sucked in.

Which brings us back to Mark Cuban, how he is trying to help you and his awesome anti-Power Balance bracelet PSA below:

Who doesn’t love an ornery billionaire that is “above the law” like Big Ern McCraken, who can’t be stopped? He’s doing it for your own good, friends.

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