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Ektio Breakaway 2.0 Puts Ankle Support First

If you keep busting up your ankles the Ektio Breakaway 2.0 is the basketball shoe you need.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s about time someone thought less about how to get me to dunk (it will never happen) and more about how to keep my ankles from getting broken.

A lot of basketball companies put fashion or lightweight designs first. Ektio takes a different approach. They look at the practical baller. The real baller knows he can’t do his thing with a sprained ankle and anyone that’s hit the courts knows ankles are one of the first things you injure.

The Ektio Breakaway 2.0 is designed for players that want to stay in the game and not limp home early with a sprained ankle. This shoe is for a specific type of basketball player. It’s geared to people that put ankle support above all else. Ektio focuses on support and avoiding ankle injuries. This is their number 1 concern and having played in them I can tell you they feel very supportive. The Breakaway 2.0s definitely have more than their fair share of ankle support. I wouldn’t call them the lightest shoes around and I wouldn’t call them the most fasion forward shoes on the playground, but if you suffer from continuous ankle injuries these could be the perfect shoes for you. After all, no one ever scored the winning bucket from the doctor’s office. 

Ektio Shoes are the first physician-designed athletic shoes that provide maximum ankle support without limiting any mobility.  Ektio shoes allow a full range of motion as compared to the alternatives, allowing the athlete to compete at the highest level.  Players can now play harder and with more confidence, knowing they’re protected against injurey. 

Ektio technology consists of 2 straps built within the walls of the shoe and anti-rollover bumpers designed to provide extra stability and leverage. Strap 1 wraps all the way around the walls of the shoe and supports the lateral ligaments of the ankle, the ligaments that tend to sprain when you land on another players foot (pictured on the bottom left).  Strap 2 lays directly over the ankle mortise (where the foot and the leg make a right angel, directly over your ankle) and locks you into the back of the shoe to limit movement within the shoe, bringing the foot and the shoe together as a single unit.

The Ektio Breakaway 2.0 retails for $129.95 and is currently available at This February they should also be on and

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