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100 Things Knicks Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

These truly are the 100 things Knicks Fans should know and do.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Do you know what a Knickerbocker is? Well, you’re about to find out.

Anyone that tells you they knew that the history of the word Knickerbocker has ties to both to Washington Irving and Dutch colonists is either a Harvard historian, a complete liar, or just read this book. “100 things Knicks Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” is loaded with interesting tidbits Knicks fans will devour. 

If you ever wanted one picture to tell you what New York basketball is all about flip to page 12 where you can see a photo of Walt Frazier riding the subway looking extra pimp. Plus, with the forward written by Frazier it’s hard to go wrong and this book definitely delivers the dirt. Walt wraps up the biggest part of being any fan with the very first sentence of the book. “I’d say that the first thing that Knicks fans need to know and do before they die is go to a Knicks game!” The Garden is an amazing place to watch any sporting event and has hosted some of the biggest events of all time, 

The Knicks uniform has been worn by some of the all-time great NBA ballers including Earl the Pearl, Jerry Lucas, Dave DeBusschere, Willis Reed, Bernard King, Patrick Ewing, and many more. Yet, some of the best stories in the book involve the urban legends of the franchise like the “Frozen Envelope” involving the 1985 NBA Draft Lottery and Patrick Ewing or the “Trent Tucker Rule” that changed the NBA’s approach to the shock clock.

It’s a coffee table book for Knick fanatics that answers questions like which Knick did Dominique Wilkins fear more than NBA greats like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird? Here’s a hint, he was also known as the King of New York. As the saying goes, basketball wasn’t created in New York, but it was perfected there. 

This book acts as a guide book through Knicks’ history and a playbook for both what fans need to know and need to do. What game winning shot is known throughout New York as “The Shot?” If you don’t know the answer and you’re a Knicks fan you need to get on your game. “The Dunk” is possibly the most famous slamdunk in the history of New York. Yes, this is the Starks dunk over Horace Grant that rocked the Brooklyn Bridge and half of North America. Even watching this dunk today will make you cringe with enjoyment. 

The draw of New York basketball is undeniable and this book delivers. LeBron James a product of Akron Ohio still shows respect stating, “This (New York) is the mecca of basketball.” Even Kobe Bryant said this of the New York Garden, “This is the last building that’s still alive … I honestly feel like you go on stage rather than on a basketball court.” 

This book is alive as well and if you love Knicks basketball it’s a great find.

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