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FUNNY ALERT! Blake Griffin Kia commercials

I want to go on record right now and say:  Blake Griffin is hilarious in those Kia commercials.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Blake Griffin is the best thing that’s happened to Kia in a long time.  Well, other than Adriana Lima, of course.

Kia Motors has made some serious strides as a car company in recent years.  I mean have you seen some of their new rides?  I saw an Optima the other day and thought it was a Mercedes.  No lie.  I’m not sure exactly who’s running the show over there but whoever it is, they are doing a pretty good job for South Korea’s oldest care company.

But without question one of the smartest things Kia Motors has done in the last few years is sponsor the NBA; and more specifically, feature NBA All-Star Blake Griffin in their TV ad campaign.

There’s no question that Kia fell in love with the Los Angeles Clippers big man after he jumped over one of their cars and dunked an alley-oop pass from Baron Davis to win the 2011 NBA Dunk Contest.  Check out the winning dunk here.  Because ever since then, Griffin has been one of Kia’s main attractions, appearing in numerous television commercials for the South Korean-based auto manufacturer.

But can you blame them?  Plain and simple, Griffin is hilarious in their commercials.  The TV campaign features Griffin traveling back in time in his new Kia Optima sports car only to find a younger version of himself doing something in the past.

Check out this Kia commercial where Griffin goes back in time and tells a younger version of himself to work on his free throws

In the next commercial, Griffin goes back in time to tell his younger version to stop playing football …. and wearing jean shorts.  Click here to see the commercial

Next, Griffin travels back to the past to find his younger self at the arcade.  To check out this funny commercial clip, click here

And finally, in the most recent commercial featuring Griffin, which I happened to see for the first time last night, shows BG going back in time and encountering what appears to be a high school version of Griffin lifting weights.  Kia has Griffin wearing racing gloves in the commercial in order to highlight the fact that the new Kia Optima Turbo comes equipped with paddle shifters.  Once again, Griffin kills it.

Click here to watch the commercial.

Overall, Kia Motors hit a home run by featuring Griffin in their TV campaign.  And while I’m not necessarily about to go buy the new Optima, for an NBA baller, Griffin’s presence, timing, and natural ability on camera is impressive.  Not to mention, he makes me laugh every time.

I just hope they keep making more.

And I wouldn’t mind if Adriana Lima made another cameo either.

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