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LeBron James’ “LeBron X” Sneakers Highest Selling By Wide Margin

The best basketball player on the planet is selling more shoes than any other player on the planet.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: The only shoe salesman LBJ can’t touch is “His Airness”, Michael Jordan.



It’s amazing what LeBron James has accomplished on the court, but what really puts his success in perspective is the amount of revenue the sale of his shoes has generated. Forbes magazine analyzed the sales figures of basketball shoes and they broke down as follows:

Nike generated $300 million in U.S. retail sales in 2012 for James’ signature shoe, LeBron X, according to research firm SportsOneSource. Nike’s haul represents a 50% increase from sales of James’ kicks in 2011. “The first thing is the aesthetics. The shoes look great and his star stature continues to rise,” says SportsOneSource analyst Matt Powell. “The media attention on him helps him sell more footwear.”

The second best-selling active NBA pitchman is Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. His Kobe 8 signature shoes sold $50 million at U.S. stores last year. Bryant has been part of the Nike family since 2003. The 15-time All-Star was an Adidas athlete for the first six years of his career. Bryant’s shoe sales in the U.S. were down in 2012, but he is the NBA’s biggest star in China and his Nike sneakers sell briskly in Asia.

$250 milion dollar difference between James and Kobe; that is ridiculous. The margin between Kobe and everyone else was significant as well, thought no where near James. Carmelo Anthony’s shoes raked in $40 million which was the third highest total. Kevin Durant’s signature model accumulated $35. Even though Derrick Rose hasn’t stepped played a game on an NBA court in a year, his shoes generated $25 million dollars which was the fifth most.

For a comparison, Dwight Howard’s shoe has resulted in just $5 million dollars in new revenue. For as much as James sales figures show how much people like him, Howard’s shoe the exact opposite. You could argue that centers/big men’s shoes in general don;t have the same draw, but stuill, Howard’s lake of sales is shocking.

Michael Jordan though is still the king. His shoe sales resulted in revenue of over $2 billion dollars- WHOA! The Jordan brand represents 56% of all basketball shoes sales.

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