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Griffin and CP3 In Funny Foot Locker Commercial

Who does PR for Blake Griffin? They definitely have been hustling.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Seriously, Blake's got the funniest add campaigns in the biz. Foot Locker embracing comedy is smart, since his Kia commercials rocked.

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When you meet Blake Griffin in person a lot of things go through your mind. Things like how he can jump through the roof or always dates the most beautiful women in the world. One thing that doesn't go through you mind though is how he is a funny guy.

Let's just be real for a second, Blake Griffin has somewhat of a dull personality on first encounter. I'm sure he's a great guy once you get to know him, but with the press he's comes across as pretty dull. Yet, his advertisements for Kia and Foot Locker make him look like some combination of Chris Rock, Bill Burr, and Louis C.K in the body of a NBA god. His publicist has him looking like the funniest most approachable guy in the NBA. Mission accomplished. 

Here are a couple of Blake's other commercials he's known for. Clearly, the approach of both his own publicist and the advertisers at Kia saw his limited offensive ability (basically, he only dunks) and the fact that he gives a blank stare 90 percent of the time as comedic gold. They were right.


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