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DWade Loves the McDavid HexPad Shooting Sleeve.

When you absorb as much contact as DWade you better have a shooting sleeve you love.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: The McDavid HexPad line brings safety to players that play on the edge.

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Dwyane Wade is one of the numerous NBA players that swear by shooting sleeves these days. His brand of choice is the McDavid HexPad shooting sleeve because it both keeps his arm warm and gives elbow protection.

These are form fitting compression sleeves featuring HexPad technology. They run usually from the wrist to the mid arm and feature a 4 inch pad over the elbow. The padding is especially handy if you are a player like DWade that loves slashing to the hoop and subsequently ends up hitting the floor a lot. The McDavid sleeve also features their premium Ultra hDc (TM) Moisture Management Technology. These are available at a few spots online, but JumpUSA has a solid selection.

Product Code: 6500T. 


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Photo Credit: McDavid

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