Thursday , Dec , 26 , 2013 Diego Garcia

Pumpspective Omni Bring Future Back

Reebok's Pumpspective Omni big on looks and function.

Hoopsvibe's Very Quick Call: The Pump Tongue comes to 2014.


If you loved the original Reebok Pump you will dig this reinvention of a classic. The Reebok Pumpspective Omni is the best of both worlds. It combines the original tongue of The Pump, but adds to this innovative idea with DMX foam technology and a longer lasting cushioned shoe life. These look the role too. The have the hint of old school vintage Pump stylings, but definitely the modern cut of a classic through today's lens. 

They aren't cheap and they probably shouldn't be either. A pair of Pumpspective Omnis will set you back $124.99.

Available at here.

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Photo Credit: Reebok.

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