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Attitude Hi still has it.

Adidas brings back this New York City 1986 classic.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: These are the types of classic kicks I love to see get re-released.

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In 2014 adidas Originals is bringing back the shoe that has come to represent a city and its passion for basketball- the Attitude Hi. These are some of the basketball shoes that gave adidas the street credibility in New York city that has lasted for years.
First introduced in 1986, the Attitude Hi debuted on the courts of NYC and quickly became one of the classic kicks that have defined the city. In a Knicks colorway, an oversized tongue and sturdy leather padding, it was quickly adopted into street culture and became a staple in streetwear.
Beyond the surface of a Knicks connection lies a shoe and a city that are defined by their trademark attitude.
In stores January 10th, 2014, the Attitude Hi will be available at adidas Originals retail stores and adidas.com/attitude,$100.
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Photo Credit: adidas
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