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Sunday , Feb , 12 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Josh Smith: NBA Politics to blame for All-Star Snub

“You’ve got to factor in there is a lot of politics involved in the All-Star selection,” Smith said Friday. “Once you get that it’s really about politics, then nothing really surprises you. I call it ‘Nothing But Associates,’ NBA. It’s all who you know.”


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Josh Smith should look in the mirror rather than blame others for not making the Eastern Conference All-Star squad.

The Atlanta Hawk has a reputation as a talented but troubled forward because he previously clashed with coaches, teammates, and management.

All-Star reserves are voted on by coaches, and, right or wrong, the NBA's thirty sideline bosses have held Smith accountable for past behaviour.

This isn’t to suggest a conspiracy against Smith, but coaches will vote for other players -all things being relatively equal, of course

So Luol Deng, Andre Iguodala, and Paul Pierce got the nod to play in the mid-season classic over Smith.

The best thing Smith could have done was shut up, accept the decision, and vacation somewhere over All-Star weekend.

Instead Smith went public with his complaints and proved why coaches didn’t vote for him.

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