History of the NBA Labor Union (NBPA).
Monday , Sep , 02 , 2013 Andrew Flint

History of the NBA Labor Union (NBPA).

It is the oldest labor union of all major sports and NBA fans should be aware and proud of its history. HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: It's easy to only think of NBA players as multi-millionaires, but it was the formation of the union (NBPA) that first gave them basic rights, money, and healthcare.  Read More
Today In NBA History 1954: First Overtime All-Star Game Ever
Monday , Jan , 21 , 2013 Paul Eide

Today In NBA History 1954: First Overtime All-Star Game Ever

59 years ago today, the NBA All-Star game had the first overtime game in its history.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Bob Cousy stepped up and delivered.

The legendary Boston Celtics guard poured in 10 points during the overtime period and gave the East a 98-93 victory, also garnering All-Star MVP honors in the process.

This game was so long ago that George Mikan, the original "big man", played in it, going just six of 18 from the field and nearly fouling out. Dolph Schayes is the only other name I could recognize besides the aforementioned Cousy and Mikan. But what's interesting about that is that even the average NBA fan knows those names, which shows you the kind of impact they made on the game and the league. 

In hindsight though, it's pretty sad that in an All-Star game with an extra period, the teams combined for just 191 points. 26 years later, the second OT All-Star game occurred with the West pulling out an eight point victory and the two teams combined for 280 points. The game had changed.

Aside from those two OT games, there have been four others, occurring in 1984, 1987, 1993 and 2003.

In '84, Isiah Thomas took home MVP honors after a 21 point, 15 assist, five rebound game. In '87, Seattle's Tom Chambers won the award while he was playing for the Supersonics, accumulating 34 points as the games leading scorer.

In '93, with the game held in Utah, John Stockton and Karl Malone were named co-MVP's of the game, which was as absurd and partial as it sounds.

In '03, the first double OT game in history occurred. Kevin Garnett was named the MVP after scoring a game high 37, making three straight baskets in the second OT. Interestingly, this was Michael Jordan's last All-Star game.

As the years have gone on, the games have become more and more competitive, with the last three games being decided by a total of 10 points. But it all began back in 1954. Read More

If MJ Is The Greatest Who Is 2nd Best All-Time? Part Three
Tuesday , May , 03 , 2011 Paul Eide

If MJ Is The Greatest Who Is 2nd Best All-Time? Part Three


So, this is it ladies and germs. Over the first two articles (which you can read here and here) we assembled a list of ten players to decide who is the second best NBA player ever, behind Michael Jordan. This final list of five contains the only remaining players who deserve to be mentioned and considered.