What if: Michael Jordan’s comeback

by Joseph Sobczyk

Would Michael Jordan be able to keep up with the pace of the NBA and compete in a game at the age of 50?

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Jordan might still be able to score a bit, but his defense will be highly suspect.


Rumor alert: Paul Pierce on the trading block?

by Matt Formica

Rajon Rondo’s triple double against the Bobcats isn’t the only thing being talked about in Boston Monday night.
Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Rumor has it that Paul Pierce is on the trading block.


Dwyane Wade suspended one game without pay

by Matt Formica

The NBA has suspended Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade one game without pay for kicking the Charlotte Bobcats’ Ramon Sessions in the groin Thursday night.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  The incident was strange and very uncharacteristic of Wade.


Rumor: Tracy McGrady To Bobcats

by Paul Eide

Tracy McGrady has had multiple workouts with the Charlotte Bobcats recently.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Does T-Mac have anything left?


Michael Jordan Should Hire Brian Shaw

by Paul Eide

While Michael Jordan is being called out by some as the worst front office executive of all time, Jordan and the Bobcats are not making a rash decision when it comes to hiring the next head coach.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Hire Brian Shaw ASAP before someone else does.


Larry Brown: Michael Jordan’s Yes-Men are wrecking Bobcats

by Hoopsvibe

“These things” include critics ranging from NBA television commentator and Jordan friend Charles Barkley, to a columnist in the Chicago Sun-Times who asked why Jordan was at hockey playoff games instead of home tending to his Bobcats, to frustrated fans. The harshest comments to date came Wednesday morning from ex-Bobcats coach (and Hall of Famer) Larry Brown. Brown said on Dan Patrick’s nationally syndicated radio show that Jordan’s top advisers didn’t challenge his opinions and “don’t have a clue.” Brown even suggested Jordan placed “spies” in the basketball operation to check up on him and his assistants.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Playing the game was easy. Managing and owning a team has been difficult.

Larry Brown, the nomad coach, thinks Michael Jordan’s lack of success as manager/owner of the Charlotte Bobcats is because he surrounds himself with yes-men.

Brown, of course, would know. He was the former coach of the Bobcats before quitting mid-season a couple of years ago. Like Jordan, he’s part of the North Carolina mafia, so these two go way back.

Brown believes Jordan’s enablers won’t challenge him or his philosophies, allowing him to, say, party during Super Bowl Week instead of punching the clock and putting in work on turning around the lowly Bobcats.

Jordan’s lack of success is hardly a surprise. But not because he has the middle-aged equivalent of Turtle, Drama, and ‘E’ in the Bobcats’ front office. Star players usually struggle as coaches, executives, or owners because they don’t understand the commitment necessary to have success in an off-court position.

For instance, players practice and/or play for at most four-to-five hours per day. Then they go home. While coaches, executives, and owners practically live, sleep, eat, and breath their team. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

A former star, like Jordan, doesn’t get what he must put-in as manager/owner. After all, playing the game came naturally to him, but the personnel and business side of things is different.

Sadly, Jordan and his Bobcats are learning this lesson the hard way.

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Rumor: Michael Jordan to sell Bobcats if they don’t improve?

by Hoopsvibe

Nearing the end of another lost season as Bobcats owner, Jordan recently told his GM, Rich Cho, to start planning for a rebuilding campaign. He also dropped a bombshell, telling Cho and other deputies that if this one doesn’t produce a winner and he continues to lose millions over the next “three to four years,” then he intends to sell the team.

“I told Rich to make us better,” Jordan told one associate recently. “If that doesn’t work and I can’t make a profit in the next three to four years, then I’m selling.”

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Listen closely and you’ll hear the clock ticking on the NBA’s second go-around in Charlotte.

After all, Michael Jordan is threatening to sell the Bobcats if things don’t improve. This won’t inspire the causual fan to get behind the team.

In fact, it will do the opposite.

Remember, the people of Charlotte have dealt with George Shinn destroying their Hornets and moving the club to New Orleans.

Then there was Bob Johnson, the first owner of the expansion Bobcats. The former 106 & Park Tsar had such alligator arms he made Suns’ owner Robert Sarver look generous and extravagant.

Johnson ran the team into the ground before Jordan, a minority owner and executive, bought him out a couple of years ago.

Initially, Jordan had success adding veterans. Now ‘His Airness’ is in full make-over mode, selling established assets for picks, cap space, and young talent.

Starting over was probably the right move; however, Charlotte fans have been through a lot and may not have the patience for a project.

Threatening to sell the team won’t help, either. A local owner will be hard to find, especially with Kansas City, Orange County, and Seattle hungry for an NBA team.

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Tony Parker: Spurs ‘very interested’ in Boris Diaw

by Hoopsvibe

By agreeing to a buyout now, Diaw can be waived in time to potentially sign with a contender and be eligible for a playoff roster. San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker, Diaw’s close friend and French national-team teammate, recently said on a French radio program that Diaw would be welcome with the Spurs.

“He’s in shape,’’ Parker reportedly said. “I’m the first to make fun of him when he gains too much weight, but right now it’s not the case. We’re very interested to get him.’’


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Veterans can be a blessing or curse for rebuilding teams.

Boris Diaw was likely the latter for Michael Jordan, Paul Silas, and the Charlotte Bobcats, which has resulted in the NBA’s worst team buying out the finesse forward.

Diaw is known for his passing, basketball IQ, and versatility. And such attributes helped him win the Sixth Man of the Year award with the Phoenix Suns.

He’s also known for poor conditioning, apathy, and arrogance. And such attributes led to strained relations with the Hawks, Suns, and Bobcats.

Diaw, who fell out of Silas’ rotation in early March, was probably moping and serving as a poor influence for the Bobcats’ many young pieces.

Now he’ll have the chance to catch on with a contender, while the thrifty Bobcats save some money on his $9 million contract.

Perhaps Diaw hooks up with Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs. The two are friends from their days with the French national team and Parker recently told a European radio station that the Spurs ‘were very interested to get him’ (Diaw).

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Michael Jordan believes only Kobe Bryant is worthy

by Hoopsvibe

Kobe’s ultimate competition is MJ. That’s why MJ watches him. MJ made people think what he was doing wasn’t human. Ditto the Kobester.I never said Kobe was better than MJ. MJ just told me Kobe’s the only one to have done the work, to deserve comparison.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Michael Jordan thinks Kobe Bryant is worthy. Well, sort of.

Jordan, ‘The Greatest of All-Time’, thinks Bryant, a legendary scorer, can challenge his legacy because of his work ethic.

This is fair. Bryant is already one of the greatest players in NBA history, but he’s not better than Jordan.

Jordan has six championships to Bryant’s five. Jordan never lost an NBA Finals, while Bryant lost twice. And Jordan would never have chased Shaquille O’Neal out of town like Bryant did.

Of course, Jordan didn’t call Bryant his equal. He said he can be compared -and that’s it.

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Video: Monta Ellis dunks on Tyrus Thomas

by Hoopsvibe

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The Golden State Warriors are 3-8, but Monta Ellis provided a highlight last night by dunking on Tyrus Thomas of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Click the video, and get at us with thoughts in the comment box below.

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Michael Jordan to marry model Yvette Prieto

by Andrew Flint

Charlotte Bobcats majority owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan got engaged on Christmas, a Jordan spokeswoman first confirmed to WCNC Thursday afternoon.Several celebrity gossip websites reported MJ proposed to longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto recently.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Millions of men are wanting to ‘Be Like Mike’ -and not because of basketball.

Michael Jordan – global icon, Hall of Fame basketball player, and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats – is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, an international supermodel.

Jordan and his bride-to-be, Yvette Prieto, have been dating for years, so this won’t be a 72- day marriage involving nude yoga sessions, made for TV weddings, covers of tabloids, and a certain power forward on the New Jersey Nets who is now the most hated player in the NBA.

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Ron Artest wants to play Michael Jordan 1-on-1 to end lockout

by Hoopsvibe

Metta World Peace, as the former St. John’s star is now known, has been throwing out ideas on Twitter recently as the labor battle between owners and players continues to rage on with no end in sight. Metta – or do we call him World Peace on second reference? – challenged Michael Jordan to a game of one-on-one Tuesday with the fate of the two sides resting in the balance. Michael Jordan I challenge you I’ll spot you 20 and a bag of cheetos If I win end lockout Keep the cheetos" he tweeted.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It doesn’t matter how it ends. It only matters that it does end.

If it takes Ron Artest beating Michael Jordan in one-on-one to end the NBA’s five-month old lockout, so be it. The fact that Artest wants to throw in a bag of cheetos is irrelevant.

Something else is worth noting: Jordan is a target.

The shine has come off ‘His Airness’ since he took such a hardline as owner of the Charlotte Bobcats during negotiations.

Not long ago, Jordan the player was rather direct when telling former Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollin that he shouldn’t own a team if he can’t make money or turn a profit.

Jordan, of course, has gone against his word. Expect the backlash to continue after the Collective Bargaining Agreement is settled.

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Ron Artest on Michael Jordan: ‘He didn’t support us’

by Hoopsvibe

Metta World Peace says his childhood hero Michael Jordan left the NBA players high and dry in the never-ending lockout drama — by forgetting he was once one of them … and acting like every other stubborn owner. Jordan — the Charlotte Bobcats’ big cheese — is among a group of NBA owners who are taking a hard line with the players in the lockout negotiations. According to MWP, the players don’t hate His Airness … they just feel like, "he didn’t support us when we most needed him."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s fair criticism. Especially considering it came from a man who prefers Metta World Peace to his government name.

Ron Artest, who recently changed his name to Metta World Peace, believes Michael Jordan should have done far more to bridge the gap in CBA negotiations between players and owners.

Jordan, of course, was the superstar many current NBA players grew up watching and following. And Jordan, of course, was the reason many of them make the money they do today.

And Jordan, of course, was dedicated to the Players Union, once telling former Washington owner Abe Pollin he should sell the Wizards if couldn’t make a profit.

That’s a distant memory.

The same Jordan is now a Hawk. He owns the small market Charlotte Bobcats. More than any owner, he’s pushing to destroy the Players Union in negotiations.

Winning isn’t enough. He wants total victory; to destroy the same Players Union he benefited from by 50 points.

For instance, Jordan wants the owners to have a 53% share of Basketball Related Income and won’t concede on system issues like a hard-cap.

Instead of using his unique experiences to bring players and owners together, Jordan’s stinginess, hypocrisy, and hard-line approach is driving the two sides apart.

Once again, The Greatest of all Time is showing his true colours. And current players aren`t impressed with what they`re seeing.

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Michael Jordan: A Hardline Hypocrite?

by Hoopsvibe

A group of between 10 and 14 owners, led by Michael Jordan, is promising to oppose any deal that gives players more than 50 percent of revenue. This group of owners wants the players’ share of BRI not to exceed 47 percent and was upset when the NBA proposed a 50-50 split.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The Jordan Rules live on.

Years ago, Sam Smith, the legendary beat writer for the Chicago Bulls, wrote a best-selling book called The Jordan Rules, detailing how Michael Jordan was, a hypocrite.

Yes, he was the greatest ever. And yes, he was the most recognized person in the world.

He had flaws, though. According to Smith, Jordan worried more about scoring than winning, struggled with teammates, and operated by his rules.

Smith’s view was reinforced during the lockout of 1998 when Jordan told Washington Wizards’ owner Abe Pollin to sell his team if he can’t profit.

Of course, Jordan became an owner a few years later -with Pollin’s Wizards, too!

Today, Jordan has a controlling share of the struggling Charlotte Bobcats. The man who told Pollin to sell if he can’t make money is the league’s greatest Hawk, refusing to compromise in negotiations.

Jordan is opposed to a 50-50 split of Basketball Related Income. He, and other small market owners, want a 53% share.

Why is Jordan such a hardliner? Like Pollin, he can’t profit.

However, Jordan the owner won’t listen to Jordan the player and sell. Different rules still exist when you’re The Greatest of all Time.

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Who is at fault for this lockout?

by J.N.

Derrick Rose recently said that the current NBA lockout is “not our fault.” That makes sense. He is a player. He is a part of the Player’s Union. Captain Obvious is obvious. Why would he state something that does not need to be said? It’s not just Rose, but for the rest of the players. This generic statement is an easy statement to make. We understand the need to put blame on someone. Someone has to go down. Upon further examination, is the blame truly on the owners? 


Video: Former Laker Adam Morrison Ejected for shove

by Hoopsvibe

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The mighty has fallen.

Not long ago, Adam Morrison was the darling of NCAA basketball and a lottery pick in the NBA draft. Sure, it didn’t work with the Bobcats, but the swing won a championship or two as a practice piece for the Lakers.

Now Morrison, who is toiling away in the European leagues, is only news when he gets into a shoving match with his Serbian team.

Anyway, watch the clip and get at us with thoughts in the comment box below.


Eliminating Dynasties

by J.N.

Dirk Nowitzki’s Dallas Mavericks winning the 2011 NBA title dispatching the best the league has to offer is a great thing. In the same way that Tim Duncan’s Spurs and Hakeem’s Rockets won, a new team winning the title refreshes the competition instead of regulating to the same franchises consisting around the Lakers and Celtics. The matchup gets stale unless you are a Lakers or Celtic fan. The faces are different, but the same teams remain. Green is green. Yellow is yellow. It’s like watching a bad film going through several remakes. You just have to wonder why.