Top Ten Definitively Worst NBA Nicknames
Wednesday , Sep , 12 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Top Ten Definitively Worst NBA Nicknames

Top Ten Definitively Worst NBA Nicknames HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Do you really want to be called Boobie, Pooh,  or Bimbo? Really? Here are the worst of the worst. If you're looking for a nickname on the blacktop do not ask one of these ballers for advice. I repeat, do NOT ask one of these NBA players. Here you go, the 10 worst NBA nicknames ever. #10 Harold "Baby Jordan" Minor Yes, he could leap through the roof, but with his NBA career only lasting 4 seasons comparisons to Jordan seem a bit absurd. #9 Jameer "Crib Midget" Nelson It's hard to view this nickname as anything but offensive. We know it's playful, but this one is simply weird. #8 Vernel "Bimbo" Coles We can only hope this isn't the type of nickname that got passed on to his daughters. What kind of grown man wants people calling him Bimbo to his face. #7 Craig "Eggs" Ehlo It's tough to be a dominating force in the NBA with a nickname like Eggs, but Ehlo actually managed quite a respectable NBA career. Ehlo reported got the nickname from John Lucas because when they played together in Houston they would play one-on-one for breakfast. #6 Damon "The World's Greatest Shooter" Jones I am a believer in positive thinking, but this just ridiculous. Jones isn't even in the top 10,000 NBA shooters of all time, let alone #1. Lucky for him though, he made another prestigious list. With a self-dubbed nickname like this, he was destined for the Worst Nickname List. #5 David "DaWhite Howard" Lee Anytime your nickname is referencing how you are the white version of a great black player you have the recipe for a Top 10 Worst Nickname. David Lee does not disappoint. Yeah, Dwight Howard is a beast in the game and Lee has his moments, but lets not get carried away her folks. #4 Sasha "The Machine" Vujacic The only way this nickname works is if his ex-girlfriend and mega-hot tennis pro / model Maria Sharapova gave it to him. She didn't and he rides the pine, so take it easy there Sasha. Your first name is feminine enough, don't try to overcompensate with your forced nickname. #3 "Pooh" Richardson I'm not sure what could be more demeaning than pooh. This Timberwolve's nickname is literally calling himself pooh, as in shit. Not The shit, just shit.
#2 Daniel "Boobie" Gibson
Although we are a fan, we have to say we don't want to be called Boobiey all day long. Just think of the scenarios: "Looking good Boobie. Use your head Boobie. Do you need some water Boobie." It just seems wrong. #1 Corey "Bad Porn" Maggette  The logic behind this one actually makes sense if the judgment does not. Corey apparently got the nickname "Bad Porn" because of his ability to penetrate the oppositions defense at will, so for all that penetration people started calling him Bad Porn. Yuck. Read More
Damon Jones / TNT Drama
Thursday , Apr , 28 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Damon Jones / TNT Drama

Everything started with Miami Heat Damon Jones wearing sunglasses indoors at the post game press conference of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference first-round playoff series. Jones later declared in the interview "I feel like a movie star". "The basket looked really, really big," Jones said. "Like South Beach. It's a big beach over there, really big. Beautiful, too."

Jones was aksed the next day by the NBA not to wear glasses anymore at post game press conferences. The NBA later explained that this has nothing to do with Jones but that a "memo" was sent to teams before the season regarding postgame-interview attire. "It includes no wearing of headgear, and sunglasses and hats are included in that," a league spokesperson said.

The New York Post reported that "Stan [Van Gundy] and Pat Riley didn't ask me [to take them off]," Jones said before the Heat flew to New Jersey for tonight's Game 3. "The NBA did. I don't know why. I don't get into that but know Charles Barkley gave me some bleep about it. The only reason he did that is because he doesn't look as good as I do. He can't find sunglasses to fit his big, fat, bald head. He's on the stage to where he gets on a lot of people about a lot of things. I'm just shooting back." -

Trouble expanded started later for Damon Jones when TNT's Barkley and Smith were having fun comparing him to Alfred the Butler on the Batman show, with Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade playing the more glamorous roles of Batman and Robin.

Jones seemed to enjoy one day of the Alfred jokes but, after watching TNT dress him up with a tuxedo and a toilet brush, he felt offended.

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