Top 10 Drug Users in the NBA.

by Featured Guest Journalist

Lamar Odom's alleged drug dealer says Odom played against the Knicks on Faeb 10, 2013 after buying 16k of cocaine and smoking some prior to the game. 

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: We all hope Lamar Odom doesn't eventually end up on this list too.


David Stern says Obama “not that good” at basketball

by Matt Formica

NBA Commissioner David Stern has dropped the hammer once again.  Only this time, it was on current United States President, Barack Obama.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Even being the President doesn’t save you from being called out by David Stern.


David Stern Admits His Comments About Jim Rome’s Wife Were Wrong

by Andrew Flint

David Stern finally admits his comments about Jim Rome’s wife were wrong.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Stern should still be fined for being an ass.

David Stern Admits His Comments About Jim Rome’s Wife Were Wrong

David Stern isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. It took in a couple weeks to finally realize what the rest of the planet figured in in about 2 secons, that his comments about Jim Rome beating his wife (in jest) were grossly innapropriate. The reality is a player in the NBA had committed this type of foot-in-mouth mistake they’d be fined from the league. Unfortunately, Stern is just enough of a dumbass to think this will go away with an unofficial non-apology the sounds something like, “You know, I would do it again differently.”

Gee, ya think. When did this avalanche of knowledge come crashing down on ya David. Was it right before you discovered putting your hand in a fire hurts, or right after you figured out drinking out of the toilet is a bad idea.

Some see this as a rare slip for a commissioner that has helped build the NBA into the world-wide presence that it now commands. Others see this as an example hubris that believes it is above the law and a sign that a replacement is overdue.

Stern’s unofficial apology came on the radio Monday in Washington, D.C. He played it off by saying,  “What can I tell you? I’m like LeBron. You get a day older, and you hope you get wiser rather than just older.”

Stern being frustrated with Rome’s line of questioning in understandable, but is response is still offensive and requires contrition. His refusal to admit his mistakes is exactly the type of shortsighted ego tripping we’d expect of a Ron Artest not the commissioner. Grow up David and simply apologize for real.


Metta World Peace Suspended 7 games for Elbowing James Harden

by Hoopsvibe

The Lakers’ Metta World Peace has been suspended for seven games without pay for striking the Thunder’s James Harden in the head with his elbow, the NBA announced today. […] “The concussion suffered by James Harden demonstrates the danger posed by violent acts of this kind, particularly when they are directed at the head area,” NBA Commissioner David Stern said. “We remain committed to taking necessary measures to protect the safety of NBA players, including the imposition of appropriate penalties for players with a history of on-court altercations.”

The suspension will begin with the Lakers’ next game at Sacramento on April 26. The remaining games of the suspension will be served over the next six games in which the player is eligible and physically able to play, including this season’s playoffs.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Justice wasn’t merciful.

Today, the NBA dropped the hammer on Metta World Peace by suspending the Los Angeles Lakers forward seven games for his lethal elbow to the head of Oklahoma City Thunder swing James Harden.

Harden is listed as day-to-day with a concussion and could return tomorrow or miss several months. There’s no set timetable for such an injury.

Peace, to his credit, immediately apologized to Harden and the Thunder, but tried to say the incident was an ‘unintentional’ outpouring of emotion after a dunk.

Say what?

The NBA, specifically Vice President Stu Jackson, deserves criticism for past rulings -just ask Phoenix Suns fans about the bitter taste from the Amar’e Stoudemire suspension so many years ago. This, however, is not one of them.

Peace’s elbow, intentional or not, has taken out the Thunder’s third best player and designated game-changer off the bench. Their chances at a championship aren’t the same.

The only fair punishment is to have Peace sit for a lengthy period. One or two games wouldn’t be ‘stern’ enough, especially if Peace returned to the court while Harden recovered.

So the NBA got this one right. Sadly, two of the league’s top teams, the Lakers and Thunder, won’t be at their best when the playoffs begin.

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Railway Stadium Proposal dead; Kings leaving Sacramento?

by Hoopsvibe

In a shock of a New York minute – and that’s how fast this partnership seems to have dissolved – the parties involved in financing Sacramento’s proposed sports and entertainment complex went their separate ways. This was a quickie divorce with all the accompanying pain and suffering. And what about the Maloofs? What about the Maloofs? They wanted to leave. Then they wanted to stay. Then they wanted a deal. Then they liked the tentative deal. Then they didn’t like the tentative deal.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The deal is dead. And the NBA in Sacramento may be dead, too.

Remember, last year, the Kings were set to move to Anaheim. But the NBA Board of Governors intervened, forcing the team back to Sacramento for the 2012 season with a mandate to work out a new stadium deal.

To be fair, both sides tried. The Maloof brothers, who own the Kings, gave in on financing. The city of Sacramento — led by Mayor Kevin Johnson, a former NBA star — gave in, too.  
And it appeared a deal was done, with Commissioner David Stern announcing as much at his annual state of the union address at All-Star break in Orlando.

Now the railyard stadium proposal is off. Look for the Maloofs to explore other possibilities, which includes moving the team to Anaheim, Kansas City, or selling the team to investors in Seattle.

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DeMarcus Cousins: Blake Griffin is ‘Babied’ by NBA

by Hoopsvibe

He viewed the no-call as a continuation of the preferential treatment that Griffin has received from the NBA during his two seasons. ‘He’s babied,’ Cousins said. ‘He’s the poster child of the league. He sells tickets, but he’s babied. Bottom line.’ Babied by whom, Cousins was asked. ‘The refs, the league — period,’ he continued.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s how the NBA does business.

Right or wrong, fair or not, David Stern’s league has always protected their superstars, nudging referees to give the benefit of the doubt to top players.

More often than not, Magic Johnson got the whistle. Same with Michael Jordan during the eighties and nineties. And conspiracy theorists would argue the Los Angeles Lakers often had the zebras on their side.

So Sacramento Kings’ post DeMarcus Cousins can’t be shocked, surprised, or upset that Los Angeles Clippers superstar Blake Griffin, the new face of the league, gets protection from the referees. In a way, Cousins benefits from this, too. After all, Griffin playing well improves fan interest, which increases revenues and drives salaries.

Of course, Cousins is competing against Griffin and is understandably frustrated. Sadly, there’s nothing he can do about it -as Blake-Zilla will continue getting favourable treatment from referees.

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Lamar Odom: I never wanted out of L.A

by Hoopsvibe

The Lakers initially tried to trade Odom to the New Orleans Hornets in a deal for Chris Paul in December. The proposed trade upset Odom, and after the NBA vetoed the deal, Lakers officials said Odom told them he wanted out of L.A. Odom now says the trade wasn’t his doing. “Everybody knows that,” he said. “It was something that they were willing to get done no matter what. I think it is OK for them to admit that.”


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Lamar Odom, get over it.

Yes, the Los Angeles Lakers, the franchise you loved, traded you -more than once, in fact.

After all, Commissioner David Stern and the NBA nixed a three team deal that would’ve sent you to the New Orleans Hornets for superstar Chris Paul.

Then things got fuzzy. You say the Lakers continued shopping you, while the Lakers say you refused to report after ‘Paul-Gate’ and demanded a trade.

Bottom line: you ended up on the world champion Dallas Mavericks.

There could be worse things than playing for Team Cuban. However, you’ve pouted, played poorly, taken a leave without permission, tried for a buyout, and had to apologize when you didn’t get a buyout.

Instead of focusing on the present, instead of doing everything to help your struggling Mavericks, you insult the Lakers in an interview.

Not surprisingly, your play has suffered. And so will the market for your services when you become a free agent in July.

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NBA wants to return to Seattle for Chinese market?

by Hoopsvibe

“We had heard reports of some interest in Seattle and the name of the person who’s associated with it is not totally unknown to me. I think he came in and I met with him, it must be a year ago. Just a general conversation; he was brought in by a mutual friend,” said Stern, during an exclusive, wide-ranging interview Monday with The Salt Lake Tribune at the league office.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s not about righting a terrible wrong. It’s not about basketball returning to a hoops-mad city.

It’s about money, specifically a multinational company’s desire to profit off the massive Chinese market. This why the NBA is re-considering Seattle.

David Stern and his lackeys at league head office in New York see China, with its huge population, as a gold mine.

Seattle, after all, is a gate-way to China. Stern and the NBA need a team in the Emerald City to fully connect with this market.

Most fans want to believe a new Seattle franchise would be about honouring the legacy of  Tom Chambers, Dale Ellis, Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, and Jack Sikma.

Some fans want to believe a new Seattle franchise would embarrass Thunder owner Clay Bennett, who bought the Sonics and moved the franchise to Oklahoma City.

Make no mistake about it, the NBA returning to Seattle is first and foremost about money.

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D-Wade to Amar’e: ‘I got those hunting tips for you’

by Hoopsvibe

Dwyane Wade to Amarè Stoudemire: I got those "hunting" tips for you. Hit me on the cell L2MS.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s on.

Commissioner David Stern can say what he likes about achieving NFL-style parity between small and large markets.

Bottom line: he’s lying.

The NBA thrives when superstars are in major markets. And the NBA is at its best when superstars in major markets develop rivalries with other superstars in major markets.

So Amar’e Stoudemire and Dwyane Wade exchanging ‘hunting tips’ via twitter is great for the NBA, as it’s further proof the Knicks are once again relevant.

Will the Knicks challenge the Heat for supremacy in the Eastern Conference?

Probably not.

The Knicks are talented, and can score in bunches. However, I don’t think they’ll defend on a night-in, night-out basis to overtake the Heat. Not with offensive guru Mike D’Antoni on the sideline.

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Video: Watch David Stern and Billy Hunter lift Lockout

by Hoopsvibe

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It was a moment five months in the making.

Commissioner David Stern and Union Head Billy Hunter announced there was an agreement in principle on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and that the lockout would be lifted.

Unfortunately, the golden moment happened at 3pm eastern time. Most were asleep, so watch the video and get at HoopsVibe News in the comment box below with thoughts … 




NBA Lockout (Sort of) Over

by Hoopsvibe

The NBA and players have reached a tentative agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. The deal sets in motion a series of steps to end the lockout and play a 66-game schedule in the 2011-12 season, with opening day on Christmas.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s over. Finally.

Well, sort of.

Last night, Commissioner David Stern and Union Boss Billy Hunter settled the major system issues and tentatively agreed on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

There is still work to be done on the rookie salary cap, drug testing, and other minor issues.

Both sides felt confident enough to shake hands and the owners lifted the lockout. Bottom line: we will probably have basketball. A 66-game season is slated to start on Christmas Day.

What about the damage to the sport?

For months, the NBA was criticized for not getting their house in order. After all, the NFL didn’t cancel games. And MLB quietly achieved labour peace last week.

All parties looked especially foolish arguing over the last crumbs on the table. And much of the momentum from last year has been lost.

Still, there will be basketball. That is far more than most expected.

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