BrandBlack Gets in the Holiday Spirit

by Andrew Flint

Nothing says Christmas day kicks like the Jamal Crawford Crossovers.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The best part about them is they’ll sitll look dope come New Years Eve.


Jamal Crawford to Alvin Gentry: I want to be in Phoenix

by Hoopsvibe

Broadcaster for the Phoenix Suns, John Bloom, tweeted: “Jamal Crawford just told EJ on press row and Alvin Gentry on the sidelines that he needs to be here in Phoenix with  Blazer teammates nearby.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Talk about awkward.

Jamal Crawford has a team, contract, and role for 2012. He’s a combo guard for the Portland Trail Blazers. Sometimes he starts, sometimes he comes off the bench.

This minor detail didn’t prevent the Seattle native from marketing his services for 2013. Apparently, Crawford thinks he’d fit with the Phoenix Suns and told their coach, Alvin Gentry, as much.

Here’s the problem: the Blazers were playing the Suns when this happened.

In the middle of the game, Crawford, in front of his Blazer teammates and coaches, tried to sell himself to the Suns’ coach as a potential off-season signing.

Crawford, who signed with the Blazers this off-season, apparently will exercise his option on 2013, leave $5 million on the table, and become an unrestricted free agent in July.

Of course, players who sell themselves to one team while (literally) playing for another team typically come with a buyer’s beware tag.

Crawford may find being assertive has hurt his market value.

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Blazers trade Marcus Camby to Rockets

by Hoopsvibe

Blazers trade center Marcus Camby to Houston Rockets, a source tells Y!


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Portland is having a fire sale.

The Trail Blazers are rebuidling, so every peice – other than Nicholas Batum and LaMarcus Aldridge – can be had for some combination of draft picks and expiring contracts.

Earlier in the day, Gerald Wallace was sent to the New Jersey Nets. Now Marcus Camby is a Houston Rocket. Expect Jamal Crawford and perhaps Ray Felton to have new homes by the end of the day, too.

Much of this can traced to Greg Oden’s injury and Brandon Roy retiring. Without these two pieces, Rip City has decided to rebuild.

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Sources: Wolves, Blazers, Lakers to swap Beasley, Crawford, Blake?

by Hoopsvibe

Lakers getting Beasley, Jamal Crawford to Minnesota and and Steve Blake to Portland is getting close, the News Mitch Lawrence reports.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: If reports are true, this three team deal will soon be official.

While not a blockbuster, the Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Portland Trail Blazers would all benefit from this swap of useful parts. Here is why:

1) The big winner would to be the Lakers. Beasley, a terrific scorer, would allow Metta World Peace to return to the bench.

2) Jamal Crawford would provide the Wolves with scoring and depth because Ricky Rubio is, of course, injured.

3) Blake, who has had two previous stints with the Blazers, would stablize the one-spot in Rip City.

Expect this deal to soon become official. All three teams will get a boost for the stretch drive.

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Rumor: Blazers to trade Jamal Crawford?

by Hoopsvibe

The Clippers or any other team looking for scoring could also turn their attention to Portland’s Jamal Crawford. With the Blazers (18-18) underachieving and the 12-year veteran having struggled to fit in this season, sources say he’s available.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Jamal Crawford hasn’t fit with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Crawford, a former Sixth Man of the Year, is a scorer, while Blazers coach Nate McMillan likes defense. And Crawford is stuck playing point guard because McMillan is frustrated with Ray Felton, who is also on the trading block.

Then there’s Crawford’s contract. He inked a two-year, $10 million pact with the Blazers, however, the second year is a player’s option.

Crawford, unhappy with playing time, has made littlle secret of his desire to exercise that option and test the free agent market this summer.

So Blazers management may move Crawford to a contender and get an asset as part of an inevitable rebuilding project.

LaMarcus Aldridge aside, no player or coach is safe, which means the next few months should be awfully interesting in ‘Rip City’.

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Rumor: Free Agents Crawford, Gasol, and Nene’s future decided Dec 9th?

by Hoopsvibe

NBA training camps and free agency will open simultaneously on Dec. 9 ahead of a triple-header on Dec. 25. Teams with many free agents will have limited rosters for the start of training camp. Marc Gasol, David West, Nene, Jamal Crawford and Jason Richardson are amongst the most prominent free agents.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: December 9th is the new July 1st. For this year, at least.

July 1st  had traditionally been the day NBA fans huddled around computers, smartphones, and radios to receive word on player movement.

Under normal circumstances free agency began on this day, allowing teams to re-sign their own talent or ink  available players to contracts worth the GDP of the now in-ruins Euro-Zone.

It was crazy. It was frenetic. It was fun. Especially for fans.

However, this year there was no summer madness because of the lockout. Computers were idle; smart phones were silent; and sports talk radio chatted about other topics.

The only news was on Basketball Related Income, system issues, and the rants of Commissioner Stern and/or union leader Billy Hunter.

Hopefully, December 9th makes up for it. There is a short window for players and teams to cut a deal, and pent-up anticipation from hardcore fans.

Hoop heads will finally figure out where prominent free agents like Jamal Crawford, Marc Gasol, Nene, and David West end up.

The NFL experienced a buzz with their short free agent window after players and owners settled their differences. Of course, no games were missed.

Owners and players have to get back the casual fan. And December 9th, 2011’s July 1st, is a great place to start.

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Rumor: LeBron wants Nash and Crawford in Miami?

by Hoopsvibe

1 hour ago: Would love to see @JCrossover in a Heat uni! What you guys say? 1 hour ago: Maybe @SteveNash in a Heat uni! So we can help each other get our 1st ring


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Lockout or not, LeBron James is recruiting.

‘The King’ recently tweeted that he’d like Jamal Crawford and Steve Nash to sign with the Miami Heat when the labour impasse is solved.

Crawford, a perennial Sixth Man of the Year candidate, would punish opposing defences for double-teaming James and fellow Heat superstars Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

He’d have the same role as Mike Miller. Except Crawford can create off the dribble and has had better luck staying healthy.

The former Bull, Hawk, and Knick is a free agent. Nash, however, is not.

The two-time MVP still has a year remaining on his contract with the Phoenix Suns, so he’d need spend-thrift owner Robert Sarver to buy him out.

Then there are concerns about Nash’s mediocre defense. His teammates and basketball IQ should make up for his tiny stature, though.

We just need a new collective bargaining agreement to see if James’ tweets become reality.

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Jamal Crawford on signing with Knicks:“I would definitely listen”

by Hoopsvibe
A Knicks-Crawford reunion is possible. Crawford is due to become a free agent next summer, and the Hawks have been hesitant about offering an extension.

The Knicks will have cap room again when Eddy Curry, Crawford’s close friend, comes off the books, and. Their primary target will be Carmelo Anthony. But they have a clear need at shooting guard.

“I would definitely listen,” Crawford said.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It was not the time to discuss a reconciliation.

There is a special connection between Jamal Crawford and New York City. Knick fans remember him as the bright light during the dark Isiah Thomas era, while Crawford loved playing at Madison Square Gardens.

However, after a soaring start, Crawford’s Atlanta Hawks are 4-6 in their past ten games. Worst of all, the Hawks are below .500 (4-5) at home.

So the combo guard shouldn’t be thinking about his contract expiring on July 1st. And the combo guard shouldn’t be thinking about signing with MSG because the Hawks haven’t offered an extension.

Crawford should be thinking about one thing: right now. Right now, Atlanta is struggling. And right now, they need their top reserve to produce.

If Crawford does that, Atlanta and New York won’t be the only teams interested in his services next summer. 

–Oly Sandor.

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Unhappy Hawk: Crawford and Atlanta clash over extension

by Hoopsvibe

Frustrated the Hawks have not offered him a contract extension, Jamal Crawford will ask the club to trade him, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Crawford, who is in the final year of a contract that will pay him $10M this season, approached the Hawks the first week of July about an extension. Hawks GM Rick Sund has not made Crawford an offer, a source with the organization told ESPN. The sides are scheduled to meet next week and if the Hawks do not make Crawford an offer he considers reasonable, he will ask to be traded.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Time to put the cards on the table. The real hold up, the real roadblock in negotiations between the Atlanta Hawks and Jamal Crawford is the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The current CBA expires next July. The new one will likely be far more restrictive. Salaries, term, and cap exceptions will be reduced.

So it’s in the Hawks’ interests to delay negotiating a new contract with Crawford until next summer. Then they probably get him for a lower price. Or, they sign a free agent of Crawford’s calibre to an equally affordable deal.

Of course, Crawford wants to use what power he currently has to force the Hawks into immediately tendering an extension.

Today, he has leverage. Next summer, who knows?

–Oly Sandor.

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Brandon Roy: ‘I don’t smoke marijuana’

by Hoopsvibe

“It’s something I shouldn’t have been involved in. I don’t smoke marijuana. I don’t think kids should do it. I’m against those things. I just feel really bad that that’s something that’s associated with my name and my family. And that’s not what we’re about.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Credit Brandon Roy for admitting poor judgement.

The Portland Trail Blazers star is apologizing for an inadvertant cameo in a music video that depicts marijuana use. 

Apparently, Roy is old friends with Seattle rappers Cali and Cavalli and allowed the duo to film him at a basketball tournament, which was then edited into the group’s video for What They Want.

Jamal Crawford, an Emerald City native and Atlanta Hawk, also appears in the video. Moments after Crawford and Roy’s apperance, a member of the group’s entourage is smoking marijuana into the camera.

Watch the video for What They Want and then watch Roy’s apology to Blazers’ Edge. Is too much being made of a ‘little smoke’? 

(Cali and Cavelli’s What They Want.) 

(Roy’s apology to Blazers’ Edge.)

–Oly Sandor.

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