Jordan Hill’s friend totals his Bentley over the weekend
Monday , Apr , 01 , 2013 Matt Formica

Jordan Hill’s friend totals his Bentley over the weekend

Jordan Hill was nice enough to let a friend borrow his Bentley over the weekend, but unfortunately, the friend didn't return it once piece.

Hoopsvibe's quick call:  You should never drink and drive.  Especially when it's not your car.

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Thursday , Mar , 15 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Hollywood shocker: Lakers send Fisher to Rockets

The Lakers have traded Derek Fisher and a first round pick to the Rockets for Jordan Hill. The pick sent to Houston was acquired by the Lakers from the Mavericks in the Lamar Odom trade. The Rockets accumulate yet another draft pick, while the Lakers get younger and save on the luxury tax.


HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: This will be a hard sell.

Rather than trade veteran Pau Gasol, the Los Angeles Lakers sent franchise stalwart, co-captain, and good guy Derek Fisher to the Houston Rockets for young forward Jordan Hill.

On-court, this makes sense. Fisher is 38 years old and would have sat behind Ramon Sessions -who the Lakers acquired at the deadline in a separate trade.

Off-court, this is much more complicated. Fisher and the Lakers won five championships together in large part because of the table-setter's professionalism and clutch shots.

Best of all, Fisher has a personal and working relationship with Kobe Bryant, the club's franchise face and Alpha Male. In fact, Fisher was one of the few people who could call out Bryant.

So this transaction could have a big impact in the Lakers' locker room.

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Sunday , Jun , 26 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Jordan Hill and Hasheem Thabeet for Andris Biedrins?

Was able to confirm reports by the Houston Chronicle that the Rockets are indeed interested in acquiring Warriors center Andris Biedrins. Houston, with Yao Ming and Chuck Hayes as their expected center options next season, are in need of a big man since Yao’s ability to play again is still suspect and Chuck Hayes, while valiant and completely useful, is probably not a starting center on a playoff team.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Two stiffs for one quasi-stiff.

This is how most see reports the Houston Rockets want to send two stiffs, Jordan Hill and Hasheem Thabeet, to the Golden Warriors for one quasi-stiff, Andris Biedrins.

Hill and Thabeet aren’t NBA players. They’ll pursue their craft overseas when their rookie deals expire. Biedrins’ production nosedived after inking a $54 million extension.

Biedrins can still be productive, though. He needs one thing: change. A trade to Houston would jumpstart his career.

He’d be free -free from the pressure of living up to a big-ticket, free from the memory of Don Nelson and Keith Smart, and free from the soap opera that has been Golden State. 

A trade to Houston would allow him to focus on basketball -something he hasn‘t been able to do for years.

Best of all, there's an opportunity in Houston. The club is looking for a center because All-Star Yao Ming has foot troubles.

At 25, Biedrins’ career can be salvaged. It would help if this rumor became reality.

--Oly Sandor.

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Monday , Mar , 22 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

D’Antoni to Hill: I Don’t Play Bad Rookies

The war of words between Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni and Jordan Hill is on.

D'Antoni got his hackles up before yesterday's Rockets showdown when The Post asked him about ex-Knick Hill's recent remarks. Hill said he couldn't strut his stuff in New York because D'Antoni isn't fond of playing rookies.

"Where does that come from?" D'Antoni said. "Seriously. It's something that cracks me up. I don't play rookies? I don't like to play bad rookies."