Kobe tweets photo of Achilles surgery (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE)

by Matt Formica

Kobe Bryant has been all over Twitter since he joined a few months back, and on Tuesday, decided to tweet a pretty graphic image of his achilles surgery from a month ago.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  If you get a little queesy, you might not want to look at this picture.  We warned you.


Should Kobe Bryant tweeting during Lakers playoff games even matter?

by Matt Formica

While the Lakers were battling the Spurs on the court in Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs on Sunday, Kobe Bryant was playing Twitter-coach from his Orange County pad.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  It was pretty obvious in the post game press conference that Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni wasn’t a fan of Kobe’s tweets.  Wonder how Phil would’ve handled it?


Top 5 Reasons LA Lakers Won’t Make Playoffs

by Paul Eide

Currently, the Lakers are in possession of the Western Conference’s eighth seed by one game over the Utah Jazz.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: If the Lakers don’t make it, they have at least five legitimate reasons why they failed.

Firing of Mike Brown, Hiring of Mike D’Antoni, Not Hiring Phil Jackson

After five games, the Lakers brass fired Mike Brown. But before he got fired, they forced him to employ the “Princeton Offense,” an offense that never got properly instituted because of injuries to nearly every key player in the preseason.  Brown was out, but who would replace him? For several days, Phil Jackson was going to be re-hired, it looked like a foregone conclusion. But under the cover of night, late on a Sunday evening, the Lakers announced they would hire D’Antoni instead. As the season has now almost completely played itself out, they couldn’t have been any worse if they would’ve just retained Bernie Bickerstaff for the entire season, who won four of his five games as head coach.


Every significant player on the team was injured at some point this season. Steve Nash, Kobe, Dwight Howard, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol- and those are just the starters. The bench was equally ravaged. Robert Sacre, Devin Ebanks, Jordan Hill, Steve Blake; and that’s the short list. No wonder they haven’t had any chemistry all year.

Lack Of Pau Gasol

Gasol’s head wasn’t right all season. And yours wouldn’t have been either if your name was Pau Gasol. No one has taken more of a beating for being “soft”. But if he was soft, Gasol wouldn’t have two rings and a slew of all-star appearances. So what does he get for his trouble? He gets benched for Earl Clark by D’Antoni, who was trying to assert his power to “motivate” Gasol. That was a “bass-akward” thing to do. To make it worse, D’Antoni did it when the Lakers rotation was being held together with duct tape. If he was healthy, the Lakers should’ve squeezed every last second out of him.

Where Was “Ron Ron” All Year?

I get that “Ron Ron” has decided to completely give up on scoring. I get that he fancies himself a lockdown one on one defender. But for a guy who has scored over 20+ ppg in his career, for him to not be more involved offensively (and I don’t mean hoisting up three’s from the corner, which has become his signature offensive move), I mean getting involved and productive when the team needed him. He didn’t, so Kobe had to carry the squad, and still is, like always.

Dwight Howard Saga

I don’t care what Howard’s numbers are, or if Andrew Bynum missed the entire season- Howard killed the Lakers with his endless, me first drama. It started before he got traded to LA, then continued once he arrived because of “injuries” and a bunch of other excuses. Dwight Howard is a drama queen and softer than Pau Gasol- FACT.

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Top 5 NBA One On One Rivalries Of All-Time (Video)

by Paul Eide

Basketball is a team sport, but when two studs lock horns, the other players on the court recede from view.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: So many great rivalries, so little time!


Today, Gatorade released an ad for it’s new product “Fixation”,which features Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade squaring off, each player dreaming of a different outcome when they meet one and each other on the floor.

So it got me thinking: Who are the best one on one match-ups in NBA history? 

Here are the first batlles that came to mind. 

Shaquille O’Neal vs. Hakeem Olajuwon

Their match-up in the 1995 NBA Finals has been washed asunder by the tides of history, but at the time, this may have been the best duel I have ever witness. Hakeem was paying the best basketball of his career this season (in the playoffs particularly)and maybe the best stretch for any center in NBA history. Shaq led the NBA in scoring this season (29.3 ppg) and was in the midst of establishing himself as the most physically dominant center ever. In the Finals, Hakeem averaged 32.8 ppg and Shaq scored 28.0 ppg.

Wilt Chamberlain vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

In the conversation about the best center of all-time, these two names are really the only two at the top of the list- it’s really just a question of who is 1a and who is 1b.This excellent article breaks it down, blow by blow, and concludes that Wilt is the victor.

They played against each other 27 times, including 11 games in the playoffs of 1971 and 1972. In their first 11 meetings, Chamberlain was still able to (i.e. inclined to) score with Jabbar. In those first 11 games, Wilt averaged 22.8 ppg and 17.6 rebounds, while Kareem averaged 26.0 ppg and 15.6 rebounds.

50 ppg, 30.1 ppg over his career, 23 rebounds/game over his career, the only non-guard ever to lead the league in assists, 100 points in one game, the list goes on…Wilt was simply more dominating.


Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James

This is absolutely the most exciting match-up in the current NBA, with both players battling every night for supremacy. In five playoff games (last year’s NBA Finals), KD outscored LBJ 30.6 ppg to 28.6 ppg. But James dominated in every other statistical category and also won the title, by a margin of 4-1. In 11 regular season match-ups it’s the same story; Durant averages 29.0 to LBJ’s 28.1, “Bron Bron” has the edge in rebounds, assists, steals and blocks and has won nine of the 11 games. “Durantula” has some work to do, potentially in this years NBA Finals. 

Dominique Wilkins vs. Michael Jordan

Of their era, these were the two most athletically gifted, electrifying players. WIlkins at times, looked like he almost had too much energy for his body, while MJ was always smooooooth. In 45 career games against each other, Jordan won 27 while “Nique” won 18. MJ averaged 31.6, while Wilkins poured in 29.8 as both players had almost identical stat lines. In one playoff series that the Bulls swept, Jordan averaged 34.3, 6.7 rpg, 4.3 apg to Nique’s 30.0, 5.3 rpg and 3.0 apg.

Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan

The significance of this rivalry isn’t as much about the head to head play, though that was extremely entertaining, but about what it meant to the league- was it not old MJ versus a young version of himself? Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan played each other 8 times, four when Jordan was with the Chicago Bulls and 4 when he was with the Washington Wizards. The Lakers won 5 of those games. Across these games, Bryant scored an average of 22.8 points, while Jordan scored 24.5 points.

Oh,old man Jordan still has it.

What’s your top five?

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Phil Jackson talks Lakers, Dwight Howard and Homeland

by Matt Formica

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Phil Jackson opened up about everything from the game of basketball, his favorite tv shows, his future, and the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  When the Zenmaster speaks, people listen.

Jackson has been relatively quiet with the media since Jim Buss and the organization made the decision to pass on him and hire Mike D’Antoni as their new head coach.  But he had a lot to say to SI’s Jack McCallum earlier this week, including; addressing what the Lakers have been doing wrong with superstar big man Dwight Howard.

“They don’t put the ball in the post,” Jackson said.  “They’ll use a screen-roll to get the guy in the post.  But there’s no consistent plan to do it.  Yes, Kobe will go in there.  But Dwight just doesn’t get any touches.  They’ve basically eliminated his assets.”

But as much as Jackson admitted that the Lakers have been under-utilizing Howard, he also mentioned that Dwight hasn’t fully recovered from his back injury and needs to improve in certain areas on his own.

“He is not where he needs to be physically because of the back surgery,” the Zenmaster said of Howard.  “He needs a year to recover from something like that … He’s a terrific athlete … but his problem right now is turnovers.  He’s got to have a little better recognition, and that will help him gain the confidence of his teammates and coach, which he does not have now.”

I’m sure Mike D’Antoni shook his head a little bit reading those words.

Jackson, who has 11 championship rings as a coach and two as a player, wasn’t just critical of the purple and gold in the interview.  When asked whether the Lakers have been improving, Jackson sounded hopeful saying, “Yes, I think they are finding a way to play.  And that’s nice to see.”

McCallum’s interview with Jackson was very well done as he asked the Hall of Famer a lot of things many of us have been waiting to hear.  Jackson told SI that he enjoys watching sports on TV, even rugby (which he watched last weekend), and that Homeland is something he watches with fiance Jeannie Buss, daughter of the late Lakers owner Jim Buss, who passed away on Monday.  (Due to the fact that the interview was conducted before Buss’ death, McCallum and Jackson didn’t speak about the legendary owner.)

As far as returning to the game of basketball, which is a question on many of our minds, Jackson said “I’m not coaching” but did say that he was open to a different role, such as Vice President of basketball operations. 

When McCallum commented that Vice President “doesn’t sound like a boss” Phil replied, … “No, that guy would be the boss.”

But what did Jackson say he misses the most about coaching?  It’s what he calls, in true Zenmaster form, the “spiritual quest.”

“Forming a brotherhood and trying to move it forward.  That’s the part I miss.”



Kobe Bryant puts Twitter follower on blast

by Matt Formica

Kobe Bryant recently joined Twitter and he’s already putting his foot down with his following.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  If you talk trash on Kobe’s twitter page, there’s a chance you’ll get reprimanded for it.


Kobe Makes Play For Rondo?

by Andrew Flint

Kobe Bryant makes it known publicly that he would love Rondo wearing the Lakers’ purple and gold.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Would the Lakers ever be able to acquire and injured Rondo from Boston?


Kobe feeling good about his game

by Matt Formica

Despite a 15-15 record, Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant has good reason to be confident going into tonight’s game against the 76ers.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Even in his 17th season, Bryant hasn’t lost a step.

Kobe feeling good about his game


Kobe calls out Gasol and team: “I’ll kick everybody’s ass”

by Matt Formica

The Lakers lost again last night, and their performance has been so sub-par lately that hearing them lose is no longer coming as a surprise.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  They are going to have to step up their game in a lot of areas if they want to be a competitive team in the Western Conference this season.


Nash does Gangnam Style!

by Matt Formica

In the Lakers 119-108 victory over the Rockets in Los Angeles last night, Kobe Bryant went for a triple-double but it was Steve Nash who stole the show, performing a little Gangnam style from the bench.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  While Kobe was taking care of business on the court, Nash was tearing it up on the sideline.