Breaking News!  Maloofs to sell Kings to Seattle
Wednesday , Jan , 09 , 2013 Matt Formica

Breaking News! Maloofs to sell Kings to Seattle

Word on the street is that the Sacramento Kings are headed to Seattle.

Hoopsvibe quick call:  Seattle fans are passionate about their sports teams, and they should have the Supersonics to route for.

This past September, I published an article about Seattle's plans to get a basketball and hockey team in town by 2014.  At the time, we didn't know which teams; but thanks to Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! Sports, we now have a pretty good idea that it will be the Kings who will be taking their talents to the Pacific Northwest.  (Still no word on which hockey team the city is looking to acquire). 
Wojnarowski broke the news over an hour ago when he reported that the Maloof family, current owners of the Sacramento Kings, are very close to finalizing a deal that would move the team to Seattle.
"The Maloofs are finalizing an agreement to sell the Sacramento Kings to the Hansen-Ballmer led Seattle group, sources tell Yahoo! Sports." Wojnarowski tweeted earlier this afternoon.
The Hansen-Ballmer Seattle group is led by wealthy hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer.  If the deal goes through as reported, the Hansen/Ballmer led group will purchase the Kings from the Maloof family for roughly $500 million and will move the team immediately, so that they will be in Seattle by the 2013-14 NBA season.  The goal has always been to have the team renamed the Supersonics, and to have the franchise playing in Seattle's Key Arena for the next two seasons before they move the team into a brand new Seattle arena, for which they have already secured the financing. 
The Hansen-Ballmer group, which reportedly includes a few members of the Nordstrom department store family as well, has already committed to providing a $290 million private investment for the new arena and has developed plans for the remaining $200 million in public financing to come from rent money and admissions taxes.  Hansen's group has also agreed to contribute funds for transportation improvements in the downtown area surrounding the arenas and to pony up more money if the public financing isn't enough.
With the financial plan approved, all that was left was finding a team.  Well now that they've found a team in the Kings, the last hurdle to get over is reaching an agreement with the Maloof family, who have a history of trying to sell the team and subsequently backing out at the last minute.  However, according to sources close to the matter, the deal is close to being done.
According to reports, the Maloof's will maintain a very small ownership percentage of the team, but won't have any say in team management or decision making.
The city of Seattle and it's fans have been desperate to get the Supersonics back since the franchise moved to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder in 2008.  There has always been a bitterness from Seattle faithful toward OKC, who are now one of the best teams in the league.  Imagine how electrifying the atmosphere would be when the Thunder came to Sea-town to play the Supersonics??!!
That would be as crazy of a sports environment as you could get.
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Sunday , Apr , 22 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Rumor: Tyreke Evans and Kings to split?

As @mr_jasonjones noted, Tyreke Evans' agent, Arn Tellem, made a rare appearance tonight to express his concerns about the former Rookie of the Year's role. He met with Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie, Evans' brother, Reggie, and another Tellem rep as well. Source close to Evans says he's frustrated with how marginalized he's become. Evans' reps are encouraging him to be more vocal about his perspective going forward. No extension discussions (he's eligible this summer), FWIW.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Lost in the arena chatter is the fact that Tyreke Evans is clearly miffed with the Sacramento Kings.

Evans, who posted impressive numbers in his first season with the Kings and was named  co-Rookie of the Year, is a specimen at 6-5, 220 pounds.

While physically mature, the pre-to-pro star lacks a feel for the game that often alienates those around him like former coach Paul Westphal and teammate DeMarcus Cousins.

The hope was that Evans would eventually develop, for lack of a better term, a basketball IQ to match his frame, wingspan, and strength. Well, it hasn’t happened. Here’s the question: will it ever happen in Sacramento?

The answer will come this summer when the Kings and Evans start negotiating a long-term pact. The Kings would probably like to keep Evans, but don’t want to pay him anything near the maximum. While Evans, and those around him, will likely demand the maximum.

The difference between the team and Evans’ position will reveal much about the future. Of course, the Maloof family, who own the Kings, are heavily in debt and may not be able to swing a fair extension -even if they decided to keep Evans.

A trade is possible. Evans was nearly sent to the Golden State Warriors in mid-March, but the club preferred to go big and sent Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks for Andrew Bogut.

Bottom line: Evans has talent. Will Sacramento figure out how to use it, though?

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Sunday , Apr , 15 , 2012 Hoopsvibe

Andres Nocioni on Tyreke Evans: ‘Incredible talent’, bad attitude

Andres Nocioni on Tyreke Evans: "I can't really say what I want to say because I'm on TV... Incredible talent, but I think teams sometimes should be tougher on the younger guys. What he brought to Sacramento was trouble in the locker room and that doesn't take you nowhere.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Andres Nocioni, for better or worse, tells it like it is.

The veteran swing -- who is currently out of the NBA after getting released by the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this season -- never pulls punches. (In fact, this could be why Nocioni doesn’t have a job.)

It’s especially telling that Nocioni publicly called out Tyreke Evans, the talented but underachieving swing for the Sacramento Kings. He has nothing to gain by doing so.

According to Nocioni, the Kings are dysfunctional, in part, because team officials never held Evans accountable for his disturbing behaviour.

The implication is this: the Kings are struggling because they tolerated Evans’ poor judgement off-court, shot first mentality on-court, and me-first approach with teammates.

Like so many things, timing is everything. This summer, the Kings will be able to open negotiations on a long-term pact with Evans, who has up to two years remaining on his original rookie contract.

The feeling is that the franchise is satisfied but hardly thrilled with Evans. And the cost-conscious Maloof brothers, who own the team, won’t offer him a max’ money contract.

In today’s NBA, this is a slight. Most stars wants superstar money. Anything less is seen as a lack of respect by the player and his entourage of yes-men.

So this summer’s contract talks this summer between the Kings and Evans could foreshadow whether the team and player stick together or break up.

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Saturday , Mar , 26 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Anaheim dangling $75 million in front of Kings

Anaheim officials would issue $75 million in bonds to lure the Kings from Sacramento, according to city documents released today.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Sacramento Kings fans better enjoy NBA basketball while they can.

Word is the city of Anaheim will give the Maloofs, who own the Kings, $75 million to leave Sacramento and relocate to Disneyland. The money would go to stadium upgrades and moving or ‘transition’ costs.

The money would also ease the cost of any relocation fee to be paid to the two Los Angeles teams, the Lakers and Clippers.

Sadly, the Kings look to be done with Sacramento. A decade ago, Vlade D, C-Webb, White Chocolate, and J-Will were the toast of the NBA.

However, the NBA is now for the filthy, filthy rich. Very rich owners like the Maloofs can no longer compete unless they have modern stadiums to generate sufficient revenue.

Apparently, Sacramento and Arco Arena won't do. Or, perhaps they just won't spend taxpayer money on stadiums for basketball.    

--Oly Sandor.

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