History of the NBA Labor Union (NBPA).
Monday , Sep , 02 , 2013 Andrew Flint

History of the NBA Labor Union (NBPA).

It is the oldest labor union of all major sports and NBA fans should be aware and proud of its history. HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: It's easy to only think of NBA players as multi-millionaires, but it was the formation of the union (NBPA) that first gave them basic rights, money, and healthcare.  Read More
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Sunday , Jun , 19 , 2011 Hoopsvibe

Stern’s June 21st Lockout Deadline not good enough

After a five-hour meeting between owners and players in New York on Friday, NBA commissioner David Stern warned that time was running short before the June 30 deadline, when owners will lock out the players without a new CBA.  "It’s just important because of the substance of our conversations today,” Stern said of Tuesday’s meeting, “and because time is running out, and because both parties still remain, at least to me, intent on doing the best they can to make a deal before June 30.”

Asked if a breakthrough was critical Tuesday, Stern said, “Yes, yes.” Asked if he would know by the end of that day whether a lockout was likely, he again answered in the affirmative.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Shame on the owners. Shame on the players.

If either side were truly committed to finding a solution, if either side were truly interested to bridging the gap in negotiations, if either side were truly dedicated to crafting a new and fair financial landscape, Tuesday would not be the deadline.

No way. No how. No chance.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement expires June 30th. Tuesday is June 21st. Both sides have more than a week to find solutions.

If they can’t do it, fair enough. If labour strife lingers into the summer and beyond, fair enough. At least, they tried. At least, they exhausted all options.

Can both sides say they gave their all if they stopped talking on June 21st?

Fans, team employees, bar and restaurant owners, and those who support the NBA deserve better. They deserve to have Commissioner Stern and Union Head Billy Hunter talking well beyond June 21st.

Nothing else is good enough. Nothing else will do.

--Oly Sandor

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